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We've all had awful jobs, many of us still work in them, it's all part of being a working bellend. Adam, Jamie, and Ryan join me to discuss some of the most turkish jobs we've ever had, most of which involve piss and/or shit, lovely.


Trump is in the news again, this time for a conversation he had with the leader of Ukraine about an investigation into Joe Biden's son, or something, I dunno. Alex joins on the line from New York to explain what happened, how it will affect Trump and Biden, how it relates to the Russia conspiracy, and the impact it will have on the 2020 election.

We also touch on Greta Thuneberg, unfortunately.

Justin Trudeau is in the middle of a blackface scandal. Kids are moaning about climate change. Louis CK is back and people are angry. Can we separate art from the artist? Does the punishment fit the crime? Coop joins me to sort this s**t out once and for all, we also discuss other things...

Coop is the host of The Spoken Metal Show podcast, check it out on Spotify and SoundCloud. I'm on the next episode…


Pete joins me on my recent trip to London to discuss the important things.



I just wasted three hours of my life watching 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood', Tarantino's latest "movie", and honestly I've had enough.

Coop joins me to discuss the film and how it compares to Tarantino's other movies, art as a whole, and the state of the modern world. Are you more excited about Tarantino's next movie or the next Matrix movie?

Coop is the host of The Spoken Metal Show podcast, check it out on Spotify and SoundCloud.


My good friends Adam, Ryan, and Jamie join me for pre drinks before we head into Birkenhead to see a Muse tribute band. We discuss a range of topics including Crocodile Dundee, Aboriginals and aphrodisiacs, meeting your hero for 2 grand, urban exploration, the cereal isle, and buying and selling guns in school.

I got through to the finals of the Comedy Virgins 'I'm not going to Edinburgh' competition which took place at the Cavendish Arms in Stockwell, London this past Friday 23rd August.

170 comics were whittled down to 19 finalists, we all had 5 minutes and there were a panel of judges including last years winner. Pete came along with me for my set, we go through it all in this episode and also have a healthy dose of shit talk.

The Cavendish Arms hosts the best open mic comedy night I've been to in the UK, check them out at www.comedyvirgins.com 

Saul Godman is a singer/guitarist/songwriter from Liverpool who I first met on the Liverpool music scene back in the mid 2000s when he was the frontman in 'Metro Manila Aide', still the greatest unsigned metal band I've seen. He has since toured with 'Clean Cut Kid' and is now producing original work and sessions under the name 'Fairy Loxx'. 

Saul and I met to catch up and discuss his crazy journey in music, from living out of his rehearsal room to touring the country, he's always been a full time musician. 

Check out Saul's Instagram , Fairy Loxx InstagramMetro Manila Aide on Spotify 

Email Saul if you want his PDF on being a professional musician.


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A few months ago I had one of the worst gigs of my comedy career so far, this week I returned to The Cavendish Arms to try and redeem myself. Pete joins me to discuss the old set before we head out, we then pick the podcast back up upon returning from the second set. We also discuss a camping trip we recently went on, as well as 'the three seashells' from Demolition Man.

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I performed at The Frog and Bucket comedy club this past Monday in their weekly amateur competition 'Beat the Frog'. Kaveh joins me to discuss the event and how I did.

#39. Nash - Entertaining a hostel, moving to Mars, and the sport of politics

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I met Nash in 2013 when I was working for accommodation in a hostel in Melbourne, at the time I was a 29 year old child with no money, no real work experience, no plan for the future, and plenty of fear of the unknown. Over the next 6 months I turned my life around and I wouldn't have been able to do it without this guy, one of my biggest mentors and best friends.

We talk about the old days in the hostel, from running city tours in the day to huge nights in the bar every night of the week, it was a crazy period of growth in my life and gave me such a great foundation for the past 5 years of my life.

We also talk about many other topics that come up, including A.i. and Elon Musk, as well as modern dating to name a few.


Evaldas is a stand up comic from Lithuania who I met on the open mic circuit in Manchester England, we have shared the stage a few times and it has been awesome to see him develop his act. He recently won Beat the Frog at the Frog and Bucket comedy club with an awesome set. We met up and discussed the open mic scene, good sets and bad sets, and how we both approach comedy writing. We also talk about our favourite comedians and comedy styles, we weight in on the latest in the Louis CK drama, and discuss controversial material and how it can easily backfire. Evaldas started comedy in Lithuania, now he does it in England! Comedy in two languages, I can barely do it in one!

#37. Yeboah - Postcode stabbings, 90s pop music, and quitting your job to be a belgian boy

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Yeboah and I met in Bangkok when we were both nearly 30 and running away from our responsibilities, we travelled Thailand and then lived in the same hostel in Australia for months. Yeboah now lives in Melbourne permanently and is on his path to citizenship despite being kicked out of the country a few years ago. Hilarious dude and one of my best friends, enjoy!

#36. Gaz & Doyle - Open mics, Chernobyl, and giant humans

In this episode I break down the week of open mics that I've been performing at, and look ahead to competing in Beat The Frog in July. I'm then joined by Gaz and Doyle and we meander through a range of topics as usual :)

#35. Steve - Backpacking in your 30s, evolving with the market, and the wrong part of town

It's crazy that Steve and I met in a hostel in Australia considering we grew up in the same small town in England, are the same age, and even went to the same college! How had we never spoken before? Turns out we had... once... crazy story!

This podcast was recorded in December 2018 during a trip to visit my friends in Australia, Steve now lives in Sydney and we met in his apartment to catch up. We spoke about growing up in a rough town and how it prepared us for traveling through dangerous parts of the world, Steve has a particularly scary story from his trip to Brazil for the World Cup. We reminisce about hostel life and backpacking at the age of 30, and we talk about businesses and how they can either evolve with the times or disappear. Far too may conversation points to list here, enjoy!

#34. Dave O'Grady - Record deals, magic mushrooms, and Jimmy Hendrix's cabin

I haven't seen Dave in 10 years, crazy how you lose touch with old friends. In that time he's developed from a solo musician gigging in Liverpool to a musician who tours Europe and America in his band Seafoam Green.

We talk about his journey from when we briefly played in a metal band together in 2008, to signing his first record deal and recording in LA years later. Hear about how magic mushrooms, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and growing up in a rough town can help a man find his own path in life.

Check out Seafoam Green on Spotify and follow Dave on Instagram

10 Minutes at The Vinyl Tap

Coop joins me to discuss a 10 minute stand up comedy set I performed last night at a small bar in Preston, England. The show didn't go well but there is always something to be learned, and it's all part of the process of getting better. This podcast is ideal if you're looking to do stand up comedy for the first time or if you're just interested in how it all works.... or, as was the case last night, how it all doesn't work.

#28. Coop - Comedy, free speech, and challenging ideas

The host of The Spoken Metal Show joins me to discuss our individual journeys through comedy and podcasting in an ever-changing social and political environment where words can make or break everything.

#27. The Army of the Dead - Game of Thrones finale predictions and discussion

Shaun and Craig join me to review the show so far and make our predictions ahead of the grand finale airing tonight. Look, it's nearly the end of Game of Thrones and I've watched the show through 6 times and read the books. This is my podcast, I'm here to moan.

#26. Chris - Nail bombs, the Instagram algorithm, and building an audience

Most people have tried to build an audience on social media and failed, today I speak to someone who has succeeded. Chris has an awesome instagram page based around his love for photography. We discuss the changing instagram algorithm, best practices for posting, and the effects of social media on society. Chris also tells me about some of the crazy requests that come along with having a large audience. Check out Chris on Instagram

#25. Kaveh & Craig - Kasparov, Diplomacy, and the greatest fighter of all time

  1. Kasparov is the greatest human chess player of all time.

  2. Anderson Silva is the greatest human fighter of all time.

  3. Diplomacy is the greatest human board game of all time.

We also review Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2, and look forward to Episode 3.

Game of Thrones is the best human TV show of all time.

#24. Jim & Craig - Angry high school teachers, space borders, & the tragedy of the commons

I was too busy enjoying myself when listening back to this podcast that my notes suffered, so here are the bullet points I made:

  • School and social media

  • Keeping tabs on other planets

  • The court of public opinion

  • Red baseball hat/red hats

  • The economy and currency

  • Bumble bee democracy

  • This is a great podcast

  • "The New World"

  • Climate change

  • A flash in the pan

Just listen to the podcast and enjoy the meandering conversation, the bullet point list is way bigger but I didn't write it. Oh and stick about to the end to hear our Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 review, after that Alex and I compare iPhone screen times.

#23. Craig - Game of Thrones Season 8 Preview

Craig is back and we're here one day early because Game of Thrones is out on Sunday night and we want to fully prepare you for what this season may hold.

HUGE SPOILERS if you haven't seen up to Season 8 of Game of Thrones, you've been warned.

Russiagate: Collusion or Conspiracy Theory? - Debate04.

The Mueller report is in! Was Trump colluding with Russia to steal the election? Does it matter if he isn't convicted? Was the whole thing a left with conspiracy theory? Alex and Shaun join me to put the whole thing to bed, finally.

#22. Kaveh - Russia, The World Cup, Rap Battles, and Arachnophobia

My brother and I recorded this conversation back in 2018 when we had just got back from the World Cup in Russia, an incredible trip and a hell of a world cup despite the lack of sleep due to dad's snoring. We discuss  how Kaveh got started with video games at a very early age, picking up gaming super quickly and then going on to be better than me at Mario Kart..... for now...

I remember when I was in my 20's and had been playing in bands for years, then I stumbled up Kaveh's MySpace page and discovered he had been producing music online with rappers around the world, something I didn't even know was possible! Needles to say, I was blown away.

We also discuss spiders, be warned.

#21. Doyle & Gaz - Family Names, Military Service, and Einstein's Orgy

Doyle and Gaz fans will be happy because both join me in the church for an awesome and hilarious conversation as always. Enjoy!

#20. Coop - Show business, Hells Angels, and the Man for the Job

The host of The Spoken Metal Show, Mark Cooper is back on the podcast and we talk about his recent experiences taking the show live! We talk about Coop's journey through show business from it's origins in his childhood and to today with his podcast and all of the other projects in between. We discuss wrestling, depression, show business, suicide, trapeze artists, and hells angels. Amazing conversation as always.

Check out The Spoken Metal Show on Spotify, SoundCloud, and your podcast app.

No-Deal Brexit "Rejected" by UK Parliament. Goodbye Democracy!

Brexit is becoming an absolute farce. Being a member of the European Union means you have a deal with Europe, so leaving the EU means not having a deal! This is where democracy dies.

#19. Shaun - The Google Walkout, Intellectual Property, and Self Esteem

Shaun joins me in the church to discuss the Google walkout and what it means for world. We debate whether intellectual property can actually be considered property; are there other incentives other than a guaranteed profit? We look at artificial intelligence and how it is coming for all of our jobs. Finally we talk about self esteem, how to develop it, and how it relates to getting what you really want from life.

Is Deplatforming Counterproductive?

This week we discuss the concept of deplatforming, be it on social media, on college campuses or through government censorship. We look at high profile cases of deplatforming from the past 12 months, specifically the cases of Tommy Robinson and “Count Dankula.” We also look at the definition and political history of Fascism, and argue whether the act of deplatforming is itself a fascist act, even when it is used against so-called Fascists.

#18. Panda - Reply Girls, Breaking Bad & The Russian In The Woods

Panda is back in the Church! He thinks Breaking Bad is one of the best shows of all time and I set him straight. We discuss Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, achieving goals, and outrage culture.

Panda has his own podcast, Pandemonium, available on YouTube, Spotify, and everywhere that you get podcasts.

#17. Pete - Comedy, Crufts & Acid Trips

Pete is my good friend that I met when I worked in Sydney, years later we meet in London and discuss comedy, board games, taking acid at work, and Crufts.

Black vs white: The gillette Commercial

Mass and Pete take a closer look at the Gillette commercial and tally up the perpetrators and heroes. Is there a racial bias? Why would there be?

#16. Jim - Brexit, Communism, & The Human Race!

Sat down with my good friend Jim to discuss Brexit, government, socialism/communism vs capitalism, and to reminisce about our youth

#15. Craig - AI, Chess, & The Karate Kid

Craig and I discuss "Deep Blue", the computer designed to beat Grandmaster chess player Garry Kasparov. We also delve into our all-time favourite movie, The Karate Kid, and the recent release of the online sequel.

#14. Nige - Hostels, Traveling, & Fundraising

Nigel and I reminisce about our time living in Nomad's Backpackers Hostel in Melbourne, as well as exchanging various other traveling stories. Nigel tells me about his cycling trip from England to Spain raising money for 'Yes to Life - Empowering people with cancer', beast!

#13. Uncle Steve - D.I.Y, Movies, & Music

Sat down with Uncle Steve to talk about his incredible music career and the correct way to watch movies.

#12. Shaun - Rights, Tribalism, & Government

Shaun and I discuss various topics including; politics, government, tribalism, and gun control.

#11. Priscilla - Cosplay, Gender, & Video Games

sit down with Priscilla to discuss how far she's come since her days as a pretty cosplay girl.

#10. Gaz - Sports injuries, horror movies, & headaches

It's been a few months since my last podcast with Gaz, we sit down to talk about the crazy shit he's been through the since then. Plus we talk about the UFC, sports injuries, uprise egg videos, horror movies, and our top 5 movies.