#42. Working less, living in a rehearsal room, and yawning to sing | Saul Godman

FAiryloxx fb.jpg

Saul Godman is a singer/guitarist/songwriter from Liverpool who I first met on the Liverpool music scene back in the mid 2000s when he was the frontman in 'Metro Manila Aide', still the greatest unsigned metal band I've seen. He has since toured with 'Clean Cut Kid' and is now producing original work and sessions under the name 'Fairy Loxx'. 

Saul and I met to catch up and discuss his crazy journey in music, from living out of his rehearsal room to touring the country, he's always been a full time musician. 

Check out Saul's Instagram , Fairy Loxx InstagramMetro Manila Aide on Spotify 

Email Saul if you want his PDF on being a professional musician.